Klowdia’s visual and artistic vision is inspired by life’s little moments, perspectives, human stories, the human mind and emotions, languages, cultures and travel, colours and everything in between. She has a passion for capturing symbolism and contrast in her visual work. There is a journey in finding a connection and a pattern between elements and ideations that are on opposite ends or beginnings. Life’s moments and experiences build the path of our life’s journey. These moments and experiences can be similar but they’re all uniquely different in their purpose and perspectives and yet they’re interconnected. By definition, contrast is “the state of being strikingly different from something else” and yet there is a beautiful journey of discovering the patterns that link all of life’s moments and experiences into one significant picture. As a self-taught visual artist, Klowdia’s artistic journey and technique have evolved and contributed to the development of her visual storytelling and her own style.

Klowdia has a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from Ryerson University, located in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in Creative Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Arts, Campaign Development, Visual Storytelling and Communications, and Branding. She also specializes in developing and executing complete solutions and concepts, from ideation, to research and development, to execution, to gathering and analyzing data on human behaviour and impact. Art and Creative Media provide Klowdia with the endless possibilities of visual storytelling and simplifying the complex through visual communication.



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